Improv for actors


Placement into our Monday Night Advanced Class is by audition or arrangement by Seth Michael.


In NYC, "improvisation" has come to mean "comedy." This class is different. In Spontaneous Scene Study, we focus on the most effective ways of working on your acting skills through improvisation.


The Monday night class has become a training ground for advanced actors who aren't comfortable with improv and advanced improvisers who want to hone their acting skills. The mission of the class is to fill a void in the community; it's a place where actors can go to be spontaneous, and where improvisers can work on their craft without the pressure of being "comedic."


We believe that improvisation is more about creativity than cleverness. It's a tool rather than a performance, a journey rather than a destination.


Are many of the scenes in class funny? Yes. Do people laugh? Yes. Are many of the scenes moving? Yes


Every class starts with a warm-up, which varies depending on the needs of the class or the focus of that particular session. They include Sensory Warm-Ups, Tense and Release Exercises, as well as exercises influenced by Michael Chekhov and Jerzy Grotowski.


After the warm-up, we move on to exercises and scene work dealing with the following areas of concentration: focus, listening, impulses and playing the scene. We explore knowing how to serve yourself, the scene, listening, playing with your partner and point of view. We work on finding and honoring the surprising, creative impulses and characters that live within you, and filtering all information in the scene through your point of view.


As students return for more sessions, the focus of the classes turns to encouraging you to explore spontaneous choices and to confronting individual sticking points. Acknowledging and addressing these will help free you in your work.



"I wouldn't use the word 'Improvisation'. I'd use another term. I'd say what matters is being
available, making oneself available, to the thing that is being born and that is still
shapeless, like molten rock, undefined."


-- Federico Fellini



Ongoing class members have the first option to return for the next series of classes. This is due to high demand and to our desire to cultivate advanced work in a strong, ensemble-based class. This also allows you to fully explore their impulses in a safe environment. Seth Michael believes that each actor will acquire a fuller appreciation of creative impulses and a greater freedom to make bolder choices in their work.


For class location, please contact Seth Michael at 917-805-9899






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