SETH MICHAEL MAY offers individual Coaching Services:


Seth, coaching on camera acting with the RED CAMERA, at NYU Graduate Film Studies program

Seth Michael May, affordable and gifted acting coach to Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle Dressler on 2, AvP2, Lost) and Charlie Hofheimer (Mad Men, The Village, Black Hawk Down, Numb3ers and Blur), as well as many other working actors in Film, Television, and Theatre.


He has recently become the audition coach of choice for Smith Talent Management, and has clients who are represented by William Morris/Endeavor Agency, Gersh, Kerin Goldberg, Buchwald, Artist Entertainment Agency, Frontier Booking International, and Bill Tresh Management, among others.


"My work is individually tailored to each student to help them achieve their artistic goals and get work in the business. My technique is based on finding yourself in the character and bringing that out in specific accessible ways. Since 1988 I have been a working actor and I've been coaching since 1995. My hours are flexible. When we meet we can talk and I can gather how I can structure a program to get you to be the best you can be. After that, we get straight to work on monologues, audition pieces or whatever we agree is needed to make the actor feel sharper, confident, instinctive and more complete." - Seth Michael




Seth Michael wrote a featured article on auditioning tips and techniques for Talent in Motion Magazine.






"Whenever any of my clients are heading in for a big audition, I have them head over to Seth first. I can count on Seth to guide them to their best work, giving them the clarity, confidence and specificity of purpose so they know they'll walk in the door and "nail it"—their way! My clients have consistently received callbacks and bookings after coaching with Seth. It makes good business sense to me to make sure everyone gets in a session with Seth before they go in for their appointment."


-Laurie Smith SMITH MANAGEMENT Group





"When I had the chance to be seen for Desdemona at Denver Center, it had been a while since I had worked on Shakespeare and I felt I needed a jump-start on my preparation. Seth's relaxed and grounded coaching style give me a chance to really explore the character, not as a means to an end, but as a process. He encouraged me to have the courage to let the auditors see me working, as opposed to trying to deliver some sort of performance. I got the job and will be happily suffering strangulation in Denver this winter!"


-Meghan Wolf



"Seth Michael's approach has helped me to bring greater truth and reality to my work, and the work has dramatically improved my sense of confidence and relaxation in auditions."


-Josh Renfree (Appaloosa)



"Seth Michael May came highly recommended to me. Through Katy Ostrander and Meghan Wolf. On my first coaching with him, I had to do a comedic German spy, a sexually lonely Scottish housewife and an upper-class British ingénue. Working together, he expertly sharpened up my accents, and we developed a unique physicality for each of the characters. He helped me get grounded in the style of comedy I was working with, and where I had questions, his examples and insights made things not only clear but creatively inspiring. My favorite thing about Seth Michael is that he used my own comedic instincts and the ideas I had about the characters and coached me to bring them out, build on them and commit fully and truthfully to all of it. I felt freed up, grounded and confident after working with Seth Michael. I had a great audition… and I booked the part. Now I'm doing The 39 Steps at Vermont's Northern Stage."


-Kathryn Merry



"I have worked with Seth Michael for a variety of coaching issues. I know this man, and can state with certainty that he is the real deal. Seth Michael loves to be creative, and has shown to me that creativity enmeshes, and encompasses his life. He lives, breathes, and sleeps as a creator. What does that mean to you as an actor, you ask? Simple: When you choose to work with him, you will never get stuck. Seth Michael's invention, imagination, and discipline will work wonders for you as a person and an actor. You ever hang out with someone who is just so enthusiastic about it that it rubs off on you too? That's Seth Michael. He is constantly seeking new sources of inspiration, and new ways of understanding and working at the craft. You will be pleased with how your work develops and grows after a session with him."


-Scott Hoye actor and certified Hypnotist



"Seth Michael May is a fantastic coach. His approach is organic and philosophical, and compliments all disciplines. My auditions have improved dramatically since working with him. I'd recommend him to anyone - beginner and pro alike!"


-Bronwen Coleman (Capote)



"Seth Michael made a light bulb go off inside me that allowed me to act from my fear, my nervousness, like no other teacher has done before. Basically he told me to use whatever I was feeling, and that registered for me and I began to feel more confident in my auditioning."


-David Villalobos





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