"SM and B have designed a workshop that gradually carries you away with their original exercises and sheer enthusiasm. Their highly skilled supportive guidance makes for an atmosphere of creativity and freedom. Actors in this workshop learn through their own experience, not just lectures or formulas. This workshop helped me trust and develop my acting instincts and abilities and I had a great time doing it!"


-Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle Dessler on TV series 24, Hawaii Five-O)



"I have known Seth Michael since 1996. Besides being a great actor, I trust Seth Michael May's coaching and talent completely. When putting together my film 'earthwork' I called him, described the character I was casting and he suggested the actor who became a lead in our film - Chris Bachand. For readings I have met fine actors through Seth. I always recommend him to actors for coaching and know his taste to be exemplary."


-Laura Kirk (Independent Film Producer)



"When my manager told me that her daughter, a fellow artist, was coaching for an audition that we both shared, I asked her with who? She told me a name that I had heard her mention before - Seth Michael May. I asked her if she could please forward me his info because I thought to myself "her daughter always books!" 2 auditions later, I have booked my first gig from working with Seth! I rocked the audition. I booked the role the day of the audition! I don't know if people realize how incredible that is in NYC, or anywhere for that matter! Working with Seth, I am learning to trust my natural responses more, and I am becoming more comfortable with what makes me me. I feel like my work is the most spontaneous that it has been in a while, and I am not getting locked into a pattern. Each time I discover something new by really listening. When you do the work, and when you work with Seth, your confidence will shine through. I know that this is our first of many together. He calls me his Obama. I call him my Biden. His intelligence and wisdom helps lead me to success."


-James Holloway (Blue Bloods, Law & Order: SVU)



"I just wanted to thank you all as well - it was so inspirational to work with such a talented group of people and in an environment that was so completely non-judgmental..."


-Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie's Halloween)

(Best Actress - Italy's Fantasy Horror Award - Zone of the Dead)



"Seth Michael and Bryan's improv classes introduced me to this whole new realm of self-confidence and creativity. They pushed me outside of my safety bubble in a completely safe and non-judgmental environment."


-Erin Williams (The City)



"I coach with Seth Michael May and not only does our work give me the confidence to deliver solid choices, it also helps me access the skills I learned in school. Acting on Impulse provides us actors the tools for the business both creatively and professionally. They're awesome!"


-Manish Dayal



"I recently shot a scene in "Fair Game" opposite Sean Penn, directed by Doug Liman. Given the context and intensity of the scene, I found my training with Seth Michael to be vital. Both Sean Penn and the director wanted to improvise the scene! All I had to do was make sure I knew my lines, then leave myself open to really listen, be in the moment, and be willing to improvise if something came up, still hitting my lines when needed. I found the shoot to be surprisingly easy! Acting on Impulse left me with confidence in my work, trusting myself, and most importantly, making acting fun again!!"


-Judy Maier



"When I work with Seth Michael and Bryan it's like taking my creative muscles to the gym. I get to exercise and work out my imagination in a safe environment and have fun in the process. With Seth Michael and Bryan's guidance, I now have the tools to approach my personal sticking points and I feel stronger as both an actress and improviser.I remember now why I wanted to be an actress in the first place."


-Emily Bell



"With Seth Michael, I have come to trust my instrument and draw upon my own rich life of experiences that make my work personal and grounded. I've learned how to 'play' with the material and allow for the work to reveal itself to me, rather than pushing and muscle-ing toward an idea outside of myself. Since I started with Seth Michael I've booked commercials for Febreze, Heineken and Cheerios, as well as signing with a legit talent agency."


-Katy Ostrander



"You inspire confidence in us, partly because of the safe environment you provide. There is TRUST in what you do. You continue to surprise me when, at times, I think I've learned all you have to offer, but then discover that your bag of tricks is still full. I guess we never stop learning. There's always another way to approach something, to make it real. In addition to all that I've said, you make it "FUN" (don't tell anybody). I know that I now approach my auditions more relaxed and ready to play. I go into that room more confident that even if I'm not the one they want...they will think twice about me and my performance. Maybe they'll even adjust what they want to suit me. In any case, I'll see you when I return."


-Steven Alan Gesser



"This is some next level shit. Their classes are invaluable to say the least. It's helped me get auditions, first refusals, callbacks and a nice amount of work. As I told them after the first class I took, they have a student for life!"


-Floyd Marshall Jr.



"Bryan and Seth Michael's work with actors is simply amazing because they break down the mystic of what we think of acting. Every workshop gives the actors Tools for life without cliques or guru worship. I have opened up and found Choices in my work by playing, not struggling to get it right. They are #1 in my book!"


-Tanya Perez (Hal Hartley's The Girl From Monday)



"In the three or four months I've worked with Seth Michael privately, in addition to working with him and Bryan in workshops, I've booked an on camera industrial, a supporting role on All My Children, and an ESPN commercial. Both Seth Michael and Bryan are practical in their coaching and at the same time sensitive to the actor's individual needs, which I find very helpful."


-David H. Villalobos



"I have had the pleasure of conducting a creativity session with Seth Michael May and Bryan Radtke as part of their Wednesday Workshop. I say conducting with them, because the atmosphere that they have developed among the participants is truly interactive. The warmth and camaraderie among the participants was noticeable at once. Likewise, observing the fluidity and creativity that they displayed during IMPROV games was amazing. Having studied with several of the top instructors in NYC, I can say the difference Seth Michael and Bryan deliver is that their workshop is F-U-N, and will truly hone your skills quickly."


-Scott Hoye (Certified Hypnotist and actor)



"Your 5 senses workshop was wonderful. This workshop freed me to go places I didn't think I could go."


-Steve McHugh





"Working with Seth Michael May has helped me to be more receptive to my own creative impulses. The tools I've developed have served me in my roles as captain in the Marine Corps, yuppie in corporate America and songwriter in bohemian New York. I can now walk boldly into any environment imaginable that demands creativity without any hesitation and reap the rewards. Thanks Seth Michael."


-Daniel T. Kaspar



"As a teacher at Columbia and an adult educator, I studied improv with Seth and Bryan to improve my classroom presence and spontaneity. During several months of Improvmania workshops, Seth and Bryan taught me to listen and respond to my stage partner, giving up preconceptions about how a scene should unfold. My work in class has deeply changed how I listen and respond to my students and I'm convinced improv study is invaluable for both new and seasoned educators."


-David Horowitz (Columbia University)



"The exercise we did last time at the workshop where I did the improvisation, using physical movements as a starting point to develop characters, was very helpful to me, and an approach I haven't gotten in any other context."


-Judy Brilliant (Psychotherapist)



"Working with Seth Michael and Bryan has propelled my career forward, and I'm not even an actor. As a high school biology teacher and a professional trapeze artist, I deliver a lot of live performances. Seth Michael and Bryan's classes have given me the tools to engage in each moment, enabling me to feel energized yet relaxed in my classroom. They have also helped me to create distinctive, personal, unique characters for each new trapeze routine. When I'm up there I feel completely confident and at ease, and can entertain and engage the audience. I owe so much of this to Seth and Bryan's unparalleled methods, devoted style of instruction, and profoundly useful exercises. I rely on what they've taught me for every single practice and performance."


-Natalie Denney (High School Teacher and Trapeze Artist)



"In my first class with Seth Michael May, I fully expressed my darkest hidden emotional self and I saw that the world stayed intact. Seth Michael knew exactly where my edge was. Then he took me there, and nudged. Other courses (I have taken at other places) have done the same nudging, but the context of improvising a scene allowed me the right mixture of virtual and reality to finally jump off the cliff. A door opened and my emotional freedom has continued to grow from there."


-Anthony M. (Life Coach)



"I do not play a doctor on TV. I am a doctor. For years every time I spoke in front of a crowd I had palpitations. I required resuscitation. Working with Seth Michael gave me the confidence I needed to speak in public. It allowed me to relax and have fun while standing in front of a crowd. Although I am not cured, I can finally give a lecture without a code cart in the room. I can answer questions without freezing and respond with an intelligent answer. Seth Michael's unconventional methods work."


-Cathy (Cardiologist)




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